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Here's What Our Customers Say

metal spinning "J&J Metal Spinning gives you more than you ask for
in terms of the quality of their work and the service they provide. Their quality and service is A-1 as far as I'm concerned. They've delivered parts to use in a few days that it would normally take three weeks to get from other vendors. J&J makes a part for us that is very unique. They had never dealt with anything like it before and they made it work. They are innovative and they're creative. J&J is one of our better vendors."

Mike McClure, Material Manager
Townsend Engineering, Des Moines, Iowa

"We go back a long way with Victor Junker. There is never a problem with quality at J&J. They have good pricing and their service is great. Their personal attention to problem solving is fantastic. It's always nice to deal with smaller companies that can deliver when you need them."

Tom Brown, Purchasing Agent
Standard Golf Company, Cedar Falls, Iowa

"J&J Metal Spinning has been a supplier for Sibley Industries for many years. The quality of products, technical expertise and timely deliveries have been their strengths."

Tony Guerra, Purchasing Agent
Sibley Industries, Anderson, Missouri

Sculpture at Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station, Dallas, Texas"J&J did a good job. It was a difficult project. I'm a sculptor, and I needed 4-foot diameter spheres for a sculpture I was doing for the City of Dallas, Texas (to be used in front of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station). I had taken the idea to other spinners in the area and they told me it couldn't be done. I took it to J&J, and Dave and Vic worked with me, and they were able to do it. They produced exactly what we needed for the job. They were perfect."

Tom Stancliffe, Associate Professor of Art
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Before you contract your next metal spinning job, call Dave Schwab, J&J Metal Spinning
319-983-2619, or send an email.

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