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Welcome to J&J Metal Spinning

Since 1990 J&J Metal Spinning has been serving the US with quality parts and exceptional service.

over 50 years of metal spinning experience Metal Spinning
J&J Metal Spinning's team of production engineers has over 50 years of metal spinning experience and a deep knowledge of the metal fabrication industry. Combine that with time tested superiority in craftsmanship, ingenuity, and creativity and J&J Metal Spinning is your solution source. Here is what we offer you!
Best Quality with Fast Turnaround
Our in-house metal spinning engineering & tooling capabilities allow us to make any shape imaginable at far less cost than what is generally possible with other types of productions.
any size metal fabrication...Superior Craftsmanship, Ingenuity & Creativity
We can handle any size metal fabrication job from ½" to 132" in diameter. We can do high or low volume jobs with short lead times. We can ship anywhere, nationally or internationally.
Competitive Prices
Our low overhead costs translate into metal spinning price advantages for you.


J&J Metal Spinning
29582 Hwy. 57 • P.O. Box 288 • New Hartford, IA 50660
Phone 319-983-2619 • Toll-Free 800-633-1170 • Fax 319-983-2819
Email info@jjmetalspinning.com • Website jjmetalspinning.com


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